Frequently Asked Questions


Why JMenu?

Have you ever wanted to order kosher takeout quickly, but found yourself repeating the order over the phone, only to have the wrong items delivered?

How often are you too busy or preoccupied to make the phone call in the first place?

Have you searched online for local kosher restaurants, only to be met with a list of questionably hechshered venues?

Have you wondered which of your favorite kosher restaurants have an online ordering platform altogether?

JMenu was designed to solve these problems. The platform we provide is easy to navigate and user friendly. We're using the latest technology to make ordering kosher simple, easy, and hassle-free. Because that is the kind of kosher living we want for ourselves.

Who are the people behind JMenu?

We are a team of Orthodox-Jewish entrepreneurs and tech experts working together to bring you a better experience when ordering kosher food and takeout from your favorite eateries.

What is the JMenu app?

The JMenu app works just like the website, making ordering kosher takeout from your smartphone quick and easy. It is available for free download on the iOS and Android platforms. The app connects users with a list of kosher restaurants that are serving your area.

Is JMenu on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. It is the most real-time communication we provide for news and updates, including discounts from participating restaurants. On the plus side, it ensures that you will never miss a deal.

Is JMenu open on Shabbat and Jewish holidays?

Heaven forbid. Any orders placed then will be processed as soon as we resume business after the conclusion of Shabbat or holidays.

Why isn't my favorite restaurant listed on JMenu?

Click here to suggest a restaurant, and we'll do our best to get them on board as quickly as possible. Restaurant owners, click here to inquire about joining JMenu.

Ordering and Accounts

How Do I Order?

There are 4 simple steps to ordering on JMenu.

Step 1: Enter your location in the box on the home page.

Step 2: Select a restaurant and add items from the menu into your shopping cart.

Step 3: Enter your billing information and pay for your order.

Step 4: Enjoy the food when it arrives!

What is the fastest way to place an order?

Create an account. Storing your delivery address and billing information saves you the time it would normally take to input that information each time you place an order.

It also allows you to view all previous orders. A user can easily click re-order, significantly increasing the speed with which you can place an order.

How do I create a JMenu account?

Desktop: Click MY ACCOUNT on the top right corner of every page on our website. Click Create an Account on the right hand side of the page.

Mobile device: Click MENU on the top of the page. Click MY ACCOUNT, then scroll past login and click Create an Account.

Is my account information safe on JMenu?

Absolutely. We promise to never compromise the security of our customers' sensitive information. We have extensive measures in place to protect your privacy.

For example, JMenu does not store credit card information in our system. This is achieved through tokenization, a method of protecting credit card data, designed to reduce the risks associated with storing credit details and prevent theft of credit card information. Instead of actual credit card details, a number - or token - to represent the card is stored and used to make future charges on the card.

See our privacy policy for more information.

I have a question or comment about my order, who should I contact?

The best way to communicate about an order is to contact the restaurant directly. Have the confirmation number you received on hand.

JMenu is also available and more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us. Phone: 1-844-44-JMENU (56368). Email:


Am I paying extra to use JMenu?

No. We guarantee that you will never pay for items more than restaurant prices, and that you will receive all services offered by any given restaurant (e.g. delivery, order minimums, etc.) That is our commitment to you.

Does JMenu offer discount coupons and codes?

Yes. At JMenu you must always be ready for all kinds of nice surprises. We regularly offer special discounts to our customers. Get access to them in one of two ways

  1. Create an account and enable promotional emails.

  2. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned, and you can be sure to never miss a deal.

Can I purchase a JMenu gift card?

Yes. A gift certificate can be purchased by clicking here. You can then print it out, or have it emailed directly to the recipient.


Are all restaurants listed on JMenu kosher?

Certainly. Our commitment to kashrus is uncompromised. Our services are strictly limited to 100% kosher restaurants.

The hechsher and all other relevant kashrus information is clearly displayed alongside each restaurant, so you can make an informed decision based on your own kashrus standards.

What are the kashrus standards of restaurants listed on JMenu?

While we only accept restaurants with a reliable hechsher, the stringency varies from one restaurant to the next (think cholov yisrael, Chassidisher shechita etc.). We therefore display all relevant kashrus information alongside each restaurant, so you can make well-informed choices.

Do you guarantee the kashrus of restaurants listed on JMenu?

We personally review each restaurant's kashrus certification on a regular basis to ensure it is consistent with the information displayed on JMenu.

We guarantee that all restaurants listed on JMenu have reliable hechsherim from Orthodox Rabbis. We display the hechsher and all relevant kashrus information alongside each restaurant for your convenience.

Beyond this, however, we cannot guarantee. We therefore strongly encourage our customers to independently verify the kashrus of the restaurant they are ordering from, as they would before eating anywhere outside their own home.

Have a question we did not address?

We're all ears. Click here, and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.